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Morris Auto Sales | Used CNG Vehicles | Bi-Fuel | Clean Natual Gas Cars

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Why Should You Buy From Us?

Here are just a few reasons...

Quality CNG Vehicles

Morris Auto Sales has a wide variety of CNG (Clean Natural Gas) vehicles for you to browse. CNG vehicles can offer an array of economic and environmental benefits, as well as being an affordable fuel alternative.

Quality Non-CNG Vehicles

Morris Auto Sales has more to offer than just CNG (Clean Natural Gas) vehicles. At Morris Auto Sales we keep on stock a variety of traditional fueled used cars, used trucks, used vans & used SUVs for you to browse as well.

Mini-Storage Solutions

Looking for storage? At Morris Auto Sales we can help you! We have different storage sized units available depending on what you need stored. From 5’X10’, 5’X15’, 10’X10’, 10’X12, 10’X15’, 10’X20 or 10’X25’ sized units. Give us a call today!

Quality Motorcycles

Morris Auto Sales also has a good selection of motorcycles from which to choose. An affordable alternative to cars, motorcycles offer the environmental benefit of achieving more miles per gallon of fuel.

RV’s and Trailers

Looking for adventure? Morris Auto Sales has recreational vehicles as well as trailers for sale. Stop by Morris Auto Sales before planning your family’s next great American road trip!

CNG Parts Cars

Need parts for your CNG vehicle? Morris Auto Sales has a selection of inexpensive CNG parts cars you can purchase. Use just the parts you need, or repair the entire vehicle. It’s up to you!

Morris Auto Sales Logo

Our Mission:

Get You Approved & Driving Today!

Morris Auto Sales is a pre-owned car dealership in Morris, Oklahoma that provides CNG vehicles to customers from all over America.

We have a great selection of used CNG and Bi-Fuel cars, trucks and vans. Call today to schedule a test drive or to learn more about natural gas-powered vehicles.

Please stop by or give us a call today: 918-733-4887